We will simplify and streamline acquisition and delivery of your study’s ancillary supplies and make your worries go away. In clinical trials, there are big details and small details, all equally important. When shipping internationally, Imperial maneuvers customs and compliance and gets clinical supplies delivered to their destinations, including remote locations. Products can also be standardized and made ready for immediate trial use.

Did You Know?

There are more than a thousand different kinds of syringes and all may not be protocol, regulatory, or customer-compliant.

Medical device manufacturers must follow IEC 60601-1 regulatory requirements to ensure that products meet performance safety standards for global compliance.

Penalties are assessed and shipments are delayed to the importer in country if an import license was not submitted to the country’s government prior to the ancillary supply arriving in country.

We’re here to help you navigate your ancillary supply needs and get the right product to the right place, every time. There’s not much you can throw at us that we haven’t done.

The Imperial Advantage.

  • Imperial specializes in getting the hard-to-procure supplies into some of the most bureaucratically challenging countries
  • 24/7 tracking of order progress, shipment, and expiration dates via the Imperial Marketplace
  • Trusted resource for commonly used supplies
  • Cost-saving strategies from proactive, knowledgeable consultants
  • Tariffs and customs compliance support
  • Thousands of protocols supported
  • 40+ years of proven expertise
  • Regulatory compliance expertise
  • Biometrically secured warehousing
  • 50,000 shipments to 110+ countries annually
  • One contact, one relationship for direct support for your protocol

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